Offer & Receive

Offer & Receive

the 1:1 package to help you nail your launch and grow your soul business... without collapsing in an energy-sapped heap at the end of it.

Does launching your offers leave you feeling utterly drained?

All you want to do is serve. 

To sell to your audience your incredible offer in a soul-aligned way that gives you genuine joy in your bones, and earns you a fantastic income too. 

But... the thought of launching your offers, and actually getting the word out there to the people you want to work with, is making you feel uneasy before you’ve even sent your first ‘work with me’ post. 

Because you’ve launched a couple of times before now... and if you’re honest, none of them have gone the way you really wanted them to go. 

You wanted to show up powerfully, full of inspiration and energy to influence your followers and grow your business as your most vibrant self.

Instead, you found yourself peaking and dipping in energy all over the whole launch period. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually ...wiped. All that pushing and showing up relentlessly, it pretty much gave you fatigue.

Keeping the positivity high was knackering- it was really hard to trust in the process, and so your inner critic went wild and the self doubt was rife, and the energy felt false.

You found yourself seeking reassurance from your biz friends and support network, and if you weren’t asking them their thoughts on what wasn’t working, you were dissecting your every move in your head, trying to figure out if you could tweak things or change things to give you positive results.

The stress of checking your phone to see who’d put their hand up, only to find out no-one had immediately is a memory that’s still really fresh.

And so as you now prepare to launch your new offer, you’re already feeling real resistance.
And who can blame you? It hurt.
You don’t want these vibes- you know that it’s not the energy you want to bring forward and put out into the world.

Really truthfully, you don’t want to put yourself through that again, not feeling like you did.

It’s taken you a longggg time to get back to this point- a place where you feel finally ready to give it another shot to inch you that little bit closer to creating a biz that will let you live that successful life you’re dreaming of.

Because that’s what it’s all for, isn’t it?

The reason you’ll push even when you feel resistant to doing want that successful business. 

Not just to satisfy your own drive and ambition... but to let you live a life that means you can provide for your family and enjoy those moments, present and content as you just BE.

distance reiki launch

there’s more to having a successful launch than just how much you know

It’s about the way you make people feel

(And that’s why trying to understand why your last launch didn’t succeed in the way you wanted feels hard. Using intellect alone isn’t always the answer. It’s not all about your mental activity)

A successful launch starts with the energy you put out into the world.

You need balance between your energies to see the real gold. That’s how you’ll inspire, influence, and do more good. 

But you need to feel good to make others feel good. 

Like the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. 

And so when you’re already depleted...your energy reflects that.

Imagine how it would feel to have a cup that was full? 

You had a whole teapot of energy, ready to give freely to those who need you the most?

soul aligned

🌀 Aligned, inspired, soul-happy clients who see and feel your energy are lining up to work with you. They happily invest in your offer because they see the value in what you do and the spark you’re giving the world. 

🌀 Real connection to your own guidance so you can make the right decisions for you, on your terms. You trust your own self as you navigate your plan for building your business. Launching your offers doesn’t feel exhausting or terrifying- it feels like a gentle transaction of your incredible services for their happily-given cash. 

🌀 You’re working and living as your most in-tune, vibrant and energised self. Authenticity flows through you as you be more visible and speak with ease- you show up and serve and start creating real change in the world.

🌀 You realise you have true power and energy to inspire your audience into trusting and investing with you, as you do good, impactful work. 

🌀 Better still, you know that connecting to that higher wisdom, that untapped energy internally and externally, will give you real momentum, give you balance, and sustain you as you push your business forwards.


Offer & Receive

Your Reiki support package to help you sell your incredible service to the world and do more good... without collapsing in an energy-sapped heap.

Offer and Receive is a 6 week distance Reiki support package to help you nail your launch as your most energetic, vibrant and intuitive self... so you can make those sales and give your business your all without feeling like your reserves are completely depleted for you

Consciously designed to help you balance your energies and sustain the momentum you need to serve your audience, this package helps you to connect with your intuition and stay grounded as you navigate your plan and grow your business. 

Delivered over 6 weeks, Offer & Receive guides and restores your energy as you move from prelaunch to cart close, supported and aligned as you offer your service to the world. 

Claire Tatarli Reiki

"Another magical session with Claire.
These sessions have given me the space and time to connect with my soul and really heal from the inside. 

The whole experience makes me feel nourished and refreshed, every time.”

Reiki gives you balance and that’s where the real gold is...

You know a launch requires serious action, showing up fairly relentlessly, being visible, and repeating, repeating, repeating your message to connect with your ideal clients.  

A launch also requires a heavy dose of Masculine energy- action, process, productivity.
So... it can be tempting to wait until after all the work is done to fall back into those Feminine energies of flow, nourishment and intuition, when you then need to recoup.

But balance between these energies is where the real gold is.

Without balance between these energies, your true potential to succeed is hindered. You need both to maintain and sustain your energy, those high vibrations, to reach that frequency where you can show up and serve in a way that feels good.

So... if you’re continuously offering to your audience (masculine energy) but are not being receptive (feminine energy) because you have an energetic block... then your launch will be one-sided. 

All that effort and push...

All that energy out into the world...with not much back in return. 

It’s time to bring balance between those energies so you can be your most successful self. 

It’s time to offer AND receive.


So... how does Offer & Receive work?

It’s 6 sessions of restorative, healing Reiki to help you ditch the energetic hangover that you’re carrying from your last launch. 

From prelaunch to cart close, this package is preemptive- it’s gentle support to help you maintain balance between your energy levels at a high vibration. So instead of your feminine energies dipping and you nearing burn out as your masculine energy surges, you feel more aligned and in tune with your soul frequency- your true purpose. 

Each session is 90 minutes long. 

Prepare: We chat over Zoom about what’s keeping you stuck and then work on getting you into a good energetic space ready to receive the Reiki. Chatting openly helps me to gear the reiki to the right intentions and give you optimum vibrations. 

Gather: We both go offline and you go and get yourself comfy and ready to receive the energetic charges. I cleanse my space and get ready to send the healing Reiki.

Restore: You receive the Reiki and it goes to where it needs to go to clear your energetic blockages. You might feel various sensations such as tingling, warmth, cold, lightness… Reiki has a way of making us all feel differently when we’re healing. Energy is sent to you to help you carry momentum and keep your cup full as you serve others and bring change. 


Claire Tatarli Reiki

"Claire's ability to heal at distance is the most magical thing and having experienced reiki in a few ways and other healing modalities this was incredibly special!

I feel lighter and wonderful today."

You really need to clean your filters for a successful launch...

Think of yourself like a washing machine… (I know, hear me out)

Your energy bodies & chakras are part of your energetic digestive system- it comes in, it’s digested through and it’s sent back out into the world.

What you put out, you get back.
What you get back, you put out.

If clear, abundant energy is surging towards you and it hits a murky chakra, well, just like that dirty washing machine filter that you haven’t opened for agesss… the energy gets caught on the slimy hair grip and you can’t project that same energy back into the world. 

That energy you put out relies on how clean the filters are in your system. 

And if you’re still bruised from your last launch, that’s a dirty filter. 

It’ll impact what you’re putting out into the world… even if you’re not consciously thinking about it (because again, this is about more than just mindset. That’s why journaling and yoga haven’t shifted it)

To put out that energy that inspires others to say ‘yes’ to working with you, and for you to feel aligned, and creative, and in tune with your soul frequency, you need to clear those blocks. 

You need your chakras, your natural filters, to do their job and help you elevate and feel your most vibrant self to see those results you want. 

Reiki helps you do that.

...And it’s why I’ve put this package together to help you harness the restorative power of reiki from wherever you are in the world.

Here are some of the things Offer & Receive will help you work on:

🌀 Feeling balanced, aligned and calm as you navigate your plan and go for success.

🌀 Rebalancing your masculine and feminine energies so you can launch your service with flow, integrity and still feel grounded as you sell. 

🌀 Releasing your energy blocks and clearing your chakras so any fear, overwhelm or worry you feel from previous launches don’t stop you from sabotaging this one. 

🌀 Connecting to your intuition so you can trust your decision making and move forward with confidence and clarity

🌀 Helping you to offer and receive with ease so selling feels natural and like a gentle exchange of your incredible talent.

🌀 Feeling aligned with your purpose so your why is at the forefront of your mind as you prepare to show up and serve. 

🌀Staying mindful and conscious of the journey you’re on so you can stay detached from the outcome and avoid burn out, 

🌀Helping you to build momentum with your energy to create an authentic business from the soul that gives you the income and freedom you desire. 

Claire Tatarli Reiki

"My reiki experience with Claire was out of this world!
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I felt so grounded and connected. The next day I felt my energy levels restored and all the high vibes.”

If the thought of launching again is making you feel daunted and anxious, Offer & Receive is the perfect combination of love and light to help you release those fears and prevent you from sabotaging yourself before you’ve even begun:

As you grow your business, and especially when you launch, you collect experiences and memories. With experiences come emotions, and you can hold the energetic charge of past experiences in your emotional body. 

So if your last launch came with a lot of emotional charge (stress, anxiety, worry, self-doubt), clearing those unwanted charges will help you balance your energy, ground yourself and sustain momentum to launch your offer with integrity and ease.  

It’s exactly why I designed this package to help you shift what is not serving your highest self.

All those times that it’s felt utterly draining before?

Well, launching with support, with intention, with healing, and with guidance from your intuition means that this time, your energy won’t be peaking and troughing as you launch and sell.

You don’t even need to identify what you need to let go off. Reiki knows where it is needed; the intelligence of your being knows how to find its way back to balance. 

In fact, the only thing you need to do is allow yourself to be in a state of calm and presence so that your natural healing intelligence can take over and restore you to your most optimum self, ready to serve and sell full of energy and light.  


Claire Tatarli Reiki

"I had no idea what to expect from Claire's sessions, but I was completely blown away. 

Even if you're not sure if you have anything to heal, the Reiki seems to work it out for you. 

It's completely incredible."


You can build a business that is intune with your intuition at every stage of the process. Allow the restorative power of Reiki to raise your energy vibration to it’s most optimum frequency for a successful launch that won’t leave you sapped. 


Amazing...what’s the cost?

Investment is 1x payment of £450. Or 2 x payments of £225.

Oooh, I almost forgot...if you sign up to Offer & Receive today, you get an incredible journal to help you continue your healing journey as you go forwards and grow. 

Don’t let the trauma of your last launch stop you from living your most successful life today. 

Release those emotional charges and just watch what happens when you’re truly living at your most optimum frequency. 

Allow the Reiki to raise you up and carry you forwards as you tap into that higher wisdom and take aligned action for real success. 

You truly can’t pour from an empty cup. 

You can’t give what you haven’t got. This is your chance to ensure that your cup doesn’t run dry as you go out and try to change the world. 

Ready for your refill?


Q. It says the reiki is offline- what does this mean? 

A. When we’re online, you’re in a higher state of alert than when we’re disconnected technologically. To really gain the full benefit of the reiki, you need to be in a truly relaxed state. Being offline removes the sense of anticipation of what is coming next and so all of my sessions are carried out offline.

Q. What is distance reiki?

A. Offer & Receive is a distance reiki package, sending healing energy through nature’s energy system, a little like a wifi network. Just like you don’t need to be physically connected to an ethernet cable to receive access to the internet, you don’t need my physical touch to receive the healing energy from Reiki.

Q. When will the Reiki sessions take place?

A. Offer & Receive has time slots available at 10.30 am or 1pm Monday to Friday. These slots have been chosen so you can build the Reiki into your work schedule to give you a dedicated, intentional period of time where you can reconnect to your intuition through the working day, without interruption.